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About us

Willie’s Indo Curry has been around for over forty years and has been perfected with time. The curry gives a robust and warm flavor to any meat, fish, or vegetarian meal. Willie’s Indo Curry is a blend of spices combined to add great flavor to your dish. Over the years Willie has achieved his authenticity, aroma, and potency by combining a unique blend of spices to create the most delicious West Indian Curry you will ever taste.

This Indian tradition started many years ago with my grandparents as they would combine different Indian spices to make curry, a taste that would leave you licking your fingers. Some of the dishes we enjoyed growing up are curried goat, lamb, shrimp, chicken, fish, beef, and an assortment of curried vegetables. Using just a small amount of our Willie’s Indo Curry goes a long way hence our slogan, “A Little Goes A Long Way, Just A Likkle.”


Our mission is to continue to provide authentic, robust curry to local restaurants and bring delight, comfort, and warmth to your curry dishes. We aim to be the most trusted curry brand bringing freshness and authenticity to every packet of curry.


Look no further, Willie’s Indo Curry is the best-tasting Indian curry on the market. We pride ourselves in making the perfect blend of spices to make you fall in love with its savory taste. Our curry is made of all-natural ingredients and is guaranteed to represent its authentic origins.


The ingredients are from India and Vietnam.

Yes, our curry is gluten-free, making it safe if you are avoiding flour and wheat.