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Willie has been making authentic curry for over forty years. He has perfected his Indian curry by combining a blend of traditional spices to create the most delicious West Indian curry on the market.

Willie’s Indo Curry gives a robust and warm flavor to any meal.

Just a little goes a long way, just a likkle.

Humble Beginnings

The house in the picture is where our West Indian Tradition began. My grandparents Stanley and Ida had ten children and numerous grandchildren.

We all at some point in our lives visited this home and waited by the fireside for our roti and curry, which we enjoyed eating with our hands. This little house had three bedrooms, a living room, and a dining area.

During the holidays when we gathered together, it brought so much joy to us being under the same roof.

Join us as we honor our tradition. When you cook with our Willie’s Indo Curry, remember it is coming from a place of warmth and love. ENJOY!


Full Transparency - Pure & Natural Ingredients

Willie's Indo Curry 4 oz
Willie's Indo Curry 8 oz
Willie's Indo Curry 96 oz


Turmeric is a bright orange spice that adds flavor and color to dishes. 

black pepper

Black pepper is a well-loved spice that is used to add heat to thousands of dishes.


The spice geera is a ground and roasted cumin seed. It comes from the East Indian region.

cayenne pepper

Cayenne is a hot, spicy pepper that brings heat to any dish. 

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